De Argumentenfabriek (The Argumentation Factory) is an independent company that helps organizations come to grips with complex problems by facilitating thinking processes (in so-called Thinking Sessions) and by visualizing information. The proprietary method we use is called De Argumentenkaart® (The Argument Map). The process of visualizing information forces people to structure their thoughts. The resulting Maps portray large amounts of information in a way that provides a clear and comprehensive overview. This allows people to make better decisions. Argument Maps are also highly suitable for recording, sharing and communicating information.

Our story

The most important activity of De Argumentenfabriek is visualization of data and information. An Argument Map for instance is a visual summary of a particular theme, usually in poster format. All relevant themes, sub-themes, arguments and facts, are logically and synoptically presented on an Argument Map. We find the content through structured sessions with expert panels and research. We then structure and visualize the content with help of our excellent graphic designers.

We also make Information Maps, Scenario Maps and other maps. For more information about our products and services, please contact Rinske Leemeijer, +31 (0)20-412 4001. 

De Argumentenfabriek also has a training division, called De Argumentenfabriek Denkacademie (The Argumentention Factory Thinking Academy). It offers training in clear thinking. Participants use the visual tools of De Argumentenfabriek to analyze and structure cases and examples from their own work situation. For more information about our training program, please contact Shaun Lednor.

Examples of projects

Since 2006 the Argumentation Factory has produced Argument and Information Maps on national and international subjects. An increasing amount of our work is available in English. Take a look at some of our example projects:


Argument Map Shale gas production
Argument Map CO2 Capture and Storage
Future of hepatitis C care in the Netherlands 
The world of Deltares 2015 - 2018
Argument Map The Platform Economy
Argument Map The Platform Economy for Stakeholders


Want to understand why you fall prey to faulty thinking? Keen to protect yourself and others against the biases of the brain? This book offers insights and practical tips for recognizing and avoiding everyday errors.

How we fool ourselves. The ABC of faulty thinking. Order the book here.



Atlas of the healthcare system in the Netherlands.

This is how Dutch healthcare works. Order the book here.

Who are our clients?

De Argumentenfabriek works for a wide variety of organizations, including government agencies and departments (for example the Department of Economic Affairs), non-profit organizations (like the OECD, housing corporations and NGOs) and companies (including ING and KPMG).


De Argumentenfabriek
W.G.-plein 403
1054 SH, Amsterdam
  +31 20 412 4001

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