19 november 2015

New in: ABC of faulty thinking!

Want to understand why you fall prey to faulty thinking? Keen to protect yourself and others against the biases of the brain? This book offers insights and practical tips for recognizing and avoiding everyday errors.

When we take decisions, make choices or pass judgement, we don’t always have time for due deliberation. All too often, something goes wrong. Our biased brains lead us astray, trick us and delude us into believing that the only correct opinion is our own. Suzanne Weusten looks at situations familiar to us all and describes the most common examples of faulty thinking, from the understandable tendency to rely blindly on a friend’s judgment to the dangerous mechanism of group thinking and the deeply human trait of regarding ourselves as brilliant.

Suzanne Weusten is a psychologist and director of The Thinking Academy at The Argumentation Factory in Amsterdam.

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